Jun 11, 2019

¿Would you like to know the pets of the park? All of them are so friendly and they love music, together they have formed a band with songs making the days at Hidropark more pleasant. All of them live at Hidrokids. The underwater world of Hidropark. As you all know, the park is guarded by the king of the seas, Neptuno. Later on, we will talk about this fantastic character but today we will concentrate on the funniest and cheerful members of this big family. As soon as you get to know their story you will not be able to resist knowing them. Let’s get to know them!
Daikiri: is the guard parrot, he looks out for the security of the entire park flying between the songs. He loves daikiris specially the one in our Mojito pool bar. He is cheerful but can get easily distracted. He keeps leaving his guitar every wear and sometimes he is not on time for the rehearsals. He plays the guitar in the band, his biggest passion ever since he spent one summer in Granada when he was a young parrot.
Popi: is the unconditional pet of the king Neptuno. Spending the days by the side of the king and playing in the band as a drummer. Popi is a loving octopus who loves to give people hugs; he is always happy and makes sure that everyone else is too. As well as the music, children are his great love and he makes sure that all of them spend a wonderful day at the park.
Whalee: Is the fantasy whale. She loves movies and their soundtracks. Telling stories is one of her favourite hobbies. She is in charge of taking the band and all of the people of the Hidrokids where they want to be. Whalee is a dreamer and a creative whale. With her magnificent voice ads her personal touch to the songs.
Anura: Is the singing frog next to whalee who also sings all the songs of the band. She loves to dance and play with the children. And when she is not with the band she works as a nanny looking after all the babies of the Hidrokids. She’s the best!
Dolph: Is the princesses pet and know perfectly all the corners of the fantasy kingdom. It’s a very curious dolphin he loves to investigate and discover new places. What he loves most in the world is to play saxophone and he truly is the bests saxophonist of the seas. When he plays you can’t help but listen to him.
Warren: Is the violinist of the group. His love of music made him study and become a musician. And hi is now the music teacher of the Hidropark. Music is his passion and it has turned into his philosophy of life. There isn’t a better teacher than Warren in the whole marine world.
  These are the members of our band, part of the group of Hidrokids world. Don’t miss our next newsletter if you want to discover more of our fantastic marine world. Lots of surprises are waiting to be discovered.