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The best family fun

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Welcome to the only water park in the north of Mallorca

Run, fly, enjoy, go for fun.
Located in the privileged area of the Port of Alcudia and a few meters from the centre of the city.
On its 40,000 metres of surface area, the park offers a wide variety of water attractions that will delight both adults and little ones.

Opening hours and prices

Season 2019

From May 1st to october 30th

Low season

MAY/JUN/SEP/OCT from 10h-17h. 

High Season

JULY/AUGUST from 10h-18h.

Adult admission fee

Save 2€!. Online promotion for adults from 11 to 60 years old. The price of the same ticket at the box office is 24,90€.


Child admission fee

Save 1€!. Online promotion for children between 3 and 10 years old. The price of the same ticket at the box office is 17,90€.


Retiree admission fee

Save 1€!. Online promotion for retirees of 60+ years old. The price of the same ticket at the box office is 17,90€.


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Tips for the best experience at our park

We know that spending a day at the water park is one of the most successful family plans during the summer.

VLive your adventure with family or friends, make any summer day become an unforgettable experience and a great memory, or simply let yourself be carried away by each of the many attractions offered by water parks.

The season is about to start, and at HidroPark Alcudia, we want to give you some general advice so you can make the most of your day with us, and that all you have to do is to enjoy and have fun.

1. Prior information is essential
Before coming to visit us, check out our opening hours, services, facilities, location, admission fees and the possible promotional offers that are run at any time.
We want you to feel at home from the first moment you arrive at the park.

2. Prepare your day!
We recommend that you get everything you need ready the night before the visit: towels, swimsuits, spare clothes, sunscreen… The goal is that on the day of the visit you only have to worry about heading out for fun. We recommend that you don’t snooze too much and that you try to arrive early so as to take advantage of our facilities to the fullest.

3. Enjoy the sun, but wisely
On the most radiant days, we sometimes tend to forget to take certain measures when it comes to sun protection, which are essential to avoid suffering unpleasant consequences after a great day of games and fun. Proper hydration, sun cream and responsible behaviour are some of the precautions that we shouldn’t overlook.
It is important to remember to put on the protective cream correctly and thoroughly before arriving at the park and throughout the day. It is recommended to renew the sun protection every two hours, since the sun hits the skin directly as well as is reflected in the water, so its impact is double and therefore more dangerous. We also recommend that you wear sunglasses, a hat or a cap while you are out of the water.

4. Safety is the most important thing!
Safety is of vital importance in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, so it is crucial to follow all safety recommendations of the park and pay attention to the instructions of the rescuers and professionals responsible for our safety.
Explain to your children the rules they have to follow, tell them who they should turn to if they have a problem or cannot find you. In case of young children, you should never lose sight of them, so a good idea would be for the adults to take turns so as to be able to enjoy the attractions as well.

5. Don’t lose sight of your belongings.
We recommend the use of the cloakrooms that we put at your disposal to store your most valuable belongings.
We realize that it’s somehow uncomfortable to go to the cloakroom every time you need something, but in this way, you won’t have to worry about anything while enjoying your day. Also, it’s a good excuse to unwind and disconnect from the world.

6. Knowing where you are to know where to go.

SWe realize that it’s a very special day, it’s very hot and that the first thing you want is to enjoy all the attractions. However, we recommend that you take a tour of the park in order to locate the facilities and services available. In this way, you can also organize the visit by choosing where you want to go first and what to leave for later.

7. We have come to have fun and to rest, too
ou have enjoyed our attractions throughout the morning, and it’s time to have lunch.
The best thing is to have a light and fresh meal so as to face the day in the best conditions. After the meal, it is important not to carry out effort activities to avoid dizziness, vomiting or even indigestion. Relax and have a little nap in one of our hammock areas scattered around the park or have a refreshing drink at our pool bar.

Keep our tips in mind so you can squeeze your day at the park to the fullest.

We are waiting for you!

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